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The purpose of a reality check.

Have you ever had someone say to you 'get a reality check' or 'you're not in your right mind' or 'get a grip on reality'. Being misunderstood can be hurtful.

I am here to tell you that getting a reality check is ....well a good idea. Not in a put down kind of way. On the contrary, this is a reality check that supersedes all others.

A Consciousness Reality Check gives you clarity and slows down all that white noise of shouldn't and must's. This type of reality check reigns in survival strategies and raises consciousness. You assess 'where you are at' honestly verses caught in the prison of survival and habit. This is how I broke through the cycle of suffering I referred to in my earlier posts.

A Conscious Reality Check requires a formula and tools that will forward you on our journey of self-awareness and self-love. It connects you through a process of awareness. The Enhances Awareness Assessment gives you all of this and more. It never judges how you learn, what you believe or how you act. It is here to help guide you into more awareness so you choose what is right for you.

What is right is always kind. You can assess how in\out of balance you are - how you think, emote, how you respond to your physical body and what you treasure (spiritual). You become more informed (awake) by reading the descriptions that match your assessment. Importantly you are able to dialogue about your results and how you imagine it cold be different. All this without the need to fix anything. Getting a Consciousness Reality Check allows you to consider how you could become more in-balance and more in-tune with the real you.

Are you ready to break free? Interested? Curious? I hope so. Contact me for a chat. You can even book a quality Consciousness Assessment that reveals and heals. Here are my details or Becaus

e we are all worth it.


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