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Take a leap of faith

Happy New Year - new decade anddddd new beginnings.

Here is a simple, doable exercise to guide your intention for 2020 and beyond.

Take a leap of faith and dare to write your intention on paper or in your phone where you can read it morning and night.

I have my intention taped to my work desk. It is one intention as I know ONE has the power to influence all areas of my life.

WRITE IT this way:

I am so happy that I -[intention] have a healthy mind and body, have my dream career, fulfilling friendships, confidence to speak my truth etc.

I am so grateful now that I [benefits] I awake feeling rested, I feel energized - thrive at work with like-minded people - can be myself in my tribe - feel strong and clear. This is me in my life.

Give your intention your time as you would a loved one. LISTEN TO IT - FEEL IT.

Note - If you want something new to enter into your life, it cannot happen in the same consciousness that creates it. You will need to ALLOW SPACE for it to appear in a way that may be unexpected. Do you best to not try to work out the how. Stay with training yourself to give your intention your time and space. TRUST that you, beautiful one can do this.

xxx Anna


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