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Survival or thrive?

There is sufficient scientific research that states we function 95% of the time unconsciously. Habit, conditioning and experience are all major contributors to have we show up in life today. Dr Joe Depenza, neuroscientist and Dr Deepak Chopra are good resources to explore fo rmore information.

Our past does inform our future until we wake up.

As a child I grew up in a loving home and it was also the era when children are seen and not heard. I never thought much about it as a child and I rarely complained. Already I was working out my winning formula - say little and be good. Later in life when I had one of those couch interviews that the #metoo campaign is about, I said nothing. When it happened again, I spoke up. When it reared it's ugly head again in male dominated business and was accepted as normal, I let it go. I kept developing my strategies and honing my skills to survive being seen but not necessarily heard. Keep in mind this is happening relatively unconsciously. I was bolshy and had a mean left hook when things got out of hand. Being quiet had to be released somehow!

Becoming aware is how you wake up.

It wasn't until I started moving into personal development that I got my winning formula and much later (with the Enhances Awareness work),the life sentence that was holding me back. I wasn't conscious of my drivers or my triggers. Similar to what was happening when I was a child, I didn't think to much about it, therefore I couldn't see what needed to change. EAP is aligned with the latest neural scientific research that states the brain is adaptable to change. With awareness I was able to get to know myself outside of my winning formula and transform it to a more loving version.

I am grateful for the journey and for all I have learnt and can now share. I know the way through the tunnel of survival to self-worth and how to remain conscious most of the time.

As one client said in her review of working with me "Anna is compassionate, loving and fearless. She didn't let me gloss over the sticky bits which proved the most important".

Survival doesn't have to be a permanent way of being. You can consciously change.

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