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This is why joy is an inner journey.

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

There are women among us who choose to engage in their communities in a big way. They put the welfare of others equal to their own. It is their mission in life to do good, inspire and love. Pia is one such woman. Why then did she loose her joy?

When I was first introduced to Anna and the Enhances Awareness work, I had no idea the kind of impact it would have on my life.

You can't change what you cannot see.

I took some time to pray on this opportunity before making the commitment. I couldn't see that there was any particular area I felt needed attention. I love to learn and grow and I was curious.

As I started going through this work, I realised that I had allowed the stresses of life to rob me of my inner joy and peace. I became more aware! Its not easy going through something like this. It can be vulnerable and confronting. That is why having Anna mentor me was a major part of the journey. She is in no hurry as she walks you through the program. She believes in people until they believe in themselves.

Big Changes

One of the big changes is my ability to respond to challenging situations and cope with stress. I have a deeper understanding of myself, my needs, what I value and what I feel. Being more aware of my emotional states allows me to choose my responses instead of reacting.

I see my life through different eyes now - I feel empowered and I believe that I can make a difference in my unique way. This gives me greater peace and joy.


I would recommend this work with Anna to anyone who wants to experience personal growth, get to know themselves better and explore the depths of their heart to find they have intrinsic value and can change the world simply through being who they are made to be.

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