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making space - a feminine thing to do

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

How you relate to yourself as a woman prepares you for your feminine experience in the world.

To manifest a new perspective in your external world, the feminine needs space in your inner world. Space is created by taking the time to listen with your eyes and heart as well as with your ears. The feminine woman takes in the whole landscape before she makes a decision. This is the start of your intimate listening embrace with the feminine.

Your feminine whispers 'awaken dear one'.

Space gives perspective to old habits. It is as if you are given time to awaken to view your thoughts and assessments from higher ground. Habit is when we repeat a behaviour over and over. After a period of time (some would agree years) of doing, saying, believing the same things, we forget to relate to the feminine.

Creating space reverses the trend of out-dated behaviours and habits. Adopting a willingness to listen and seek a different perspective is play for the feminine.

There is a formula for restoring the feminine and your viewpoint as a feminine woman.

One of the most endearing benefits of honouring your feminine is that the element of play bubbles to the surface.

Play is sensual, speaks out of turn, curious and creative. Play is very good friends with TRUST. As you express your willingness, gain more knowledge and understanding, you naturally become more light-hearted and trust step in.

Trust strengthens self-belief and encourages creative self-expression.

Making space to listen to your feminine can shift how you view yourself as a woman and your world.

It doesn't have to be a lot of time. It is the act of making the space that calls the feminine forward and states loud and clear - as a woman you are worthy and you have things to say about your experience in your world.

Anna is the founder of The Goddess in You proprietary system, The Goddess Mentorship for Gentle Women and Awaken Your Goddess.

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