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Just want to be you - here's how.

There is a longing within women to be seen and valued. It's not talked about openly.

You may have conversations with your closest friends but truthfully, if you take a moment to assess, you may well agree that people don't get to see the real you.

People see the woman you let them see. Capable, approachable, funny, striving, sensible, reliable, perhaps not perfect and you are working on that too. Family, peers, friends and even strangers you don't know yet are your mirror for being perfect. It's built in to the psyche of women to adapt to how the outside world expects them to be. It's how you keep the peace, gets things done, avoid criticism and protect yourself.

Gentle Women in particular have a great need to protect themselves. They are sensitive to others energies, intuitive, creative thinkers and love deep. Gentle women are more interested in purpose than power. Make no mistake, Gentle Women love to be financially rewarded and have beautiful things.

In the quiet of the night when you can finally remove the masculine mask, you are left wanting.

It's impossible to avoid the nagging sensation that you are more somehow. More than the career, the title, good mom, understanding partner, community host, fun loving friend. More than waiting for your big creative break. I say this lovingly, more than your past failures. Everything you are being and doing up to now has shaped the woman you are now and you are a beautiful soul.

It's the More thing. I believe that every person has a purpose that is wholly and soul-ly for them. That nagging sensation is a direct line to your higher purpose. The one that lights your passions and joy. You know this too. Absolutely every experience in your life has lead you to here. You are on time in exactly the right place and have everything you need. You don't have to be like anyone else or fit the mould to please and sort-of belong.

Here's where answering the call becomes mighty. You must go in search of your true nature and awaken her. On the other side of your capabilities and current strengths resides an equally strong, feminine woman. Some may say this woman is a force. Once you allow yourself to meet your feminine and value the skills of the feminine, you are free. There will be times to wear the masculine mask and hustle. There will be times to voice the feminine and follow your intuition. Both serve to bring you into wholeness. An empowered woman activating her full-hearted potential as a influencer for good. This is the real you and you love it.

Your work is internal. Meeting your feminine is a series of rich, intimate conversations. Women lean into conversations where they can express ideas and explore new perspectives for living life well. Embrace your tribe. Women thrive with other women becoming more. To be witnessed is to be seen. This is the power of full-hearted women in community. The feminine will stretch you. Sometimes, just the fact that you have somewhere to go where you are loved stretches your mindset. You go beyond your stops. You are valued in the right community. I'd like to finish with this today. Words of encouragement from our Goddess Collab community, 'I make time to come to our collaborations. People in my life don't get what I am up too but all of you do. It's the sisterhood that makes it".

Ready to explore your more and truly be you? Let's talk with a free for you discovery call. Here is the link for you. Book my call. If your not techy then you can reach out by email here with the subject line: I am ready to book my free call. I look forward to meeting you soon. Until then, big, warm hugs Anna


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