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How values activate your goals, the feminine way!

You can just about ask anyone about their personal values and they can give you 1-3. Popular values are being kind, honest, compassionate, successful. Mostly everyone relates to values as something to achieve. In the Goddess programs, we take a radically feminine approach to values. We look at values as BEING. Values are non-negotiable and representative of heart and soul. Non-negotiable soul values are deeply imbedded in the psyche and therefore unmovable. UNCOVER YOUR NON-NEGOTIABLES It takes a good deal of awareness preparation to uncover Your Values and EMBODY Your Values. For example, you may consider being SUCCESSFUL as a non-negotiable value. As a powerful woman your job is to get inside of the value - Successful - and own it! What does a successful woman look like, how does she dress, speak, what does she do with her time, how does success live in her life day to day? Then become her. In the Goddess programs, we call this - BECOMING. Everything has an order. This is important because if you race off with an idea of your non-negotiable value without the preparation, you will resist (more on the allure of resistance next week). HOW TO PREPARE (in order). By now, you may be feeling a stirring in your psyche. You remember that maybe your values (and you) has been neglected. Please read this in its entirety. When you understand how powerful non-negotiable values are, it changes everything for your life experience. You learn to be discerning, act on your intuition, take calculated risks, take the lead and over time flourish. YOUR VALUES 1. Write a list of your qualities (yes your qualities) such as active listener, generous lover, skilled mathematician, creative, fast learner, fabulous dancer, motivated. Keep adding to your list until you have a minimum of 8 qualities. 2. Next to each quality, write HOW you became this. Such as, generous lover. HOW - listened to my partner, shared my needs. Such as, creative. HOW - Developed the skill of painting as a kid, just loved how nothing becomes something. Kept exploring. Such as, Motivated. HOW - I'm curious, like trying new things. 3. LET YOUR HEART BE KNOWN Now, bring that curiosity and look for the common link. In the example above, the common link is - CURIOSITY - 4. NON-NEGOTIABLE VALUES Curiosity stands up as a value that has been developing since childhood. What this example demonstrates is that curiosity sits at the intersection of what is known and what is not known. This person likes to stretch and know herself. 5. EMBODY To embody the non-negotiable value as a representation of WHO YOU ARE AUTHENTICALLY is to ask in your day-to-day interactions; How does this value (in this example, curiosity) show up in this job, this conversation. By honoring the truth of who you are with your non-negotiable values, you get to know yourself intimately. Know yourself is always the no 1 pathway to reach your goals and dreams. If you get stuck, please feel free to comment on this post and I will respond. You could be in the place of being ready to know your values and take action on your goals. Maybe I can help. Reach out to me here or on my website, and I'll organize a free strategy call for you. Until next time, Be True to You. Anna

Goddess Lead & Mentor


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