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How to enter a room empowered (every time)

You are a woman learning to use her fire energy wisely. Fire is momentum, resilience, action. It can be both masculine and feminine once you train your thinking and emotions to represent you and call on your fire as needed.

>On it's own (unconsciously) you will send your fire energy ahead, (literally to scorch a path of safety) so that you don't feel so vulnerable when entering a room or even a conversation.

>While your fire energy remains in an unconscious state (to you) it is masculine. Mentally, the job is to stay on alert for danger (what people may say, how they look at you, what they could be thinking). High spirited fire energy moves you on this easiest route from A to B. As many of you know this state of consciousness leads to exhaustion. You are burning out.

BRINGING BALANCE and training your mind and spirit to act on command is powerful. As we say in Goddess, this is you setting your own rules. Bringing balance is the feminine coming forward and calming down the masculine inclinations to run, move, armor up (or even hide).

>Now you are finding your natural rhythm to be present and intentional. Instead of rushing to come up with solutions, you are strengthening your relationship with your intuition, your inner voice and your needs. [exert from - Goddessasawoman/howgoddessworks]

HOW TO enter a room and BE empowered every time.

1. FOCUS on who you are choosing to BE. This, more than anything is your strength. Please do not invest your time worrying about the butterflies in your tum or the voice in your head telling you this was a bad idea; you should have called in sick, said no in the first place, dressed better or a zillion other 'familiar, internal conversations. FOCUS on who you choose to BE such as: calm, strong and beautiful. [go to your BECOMING image in Goddessasawoman if you need a refresh here].

2. PAUSE at the entrance of the room you are entering. Take a breath and exhale slowly. Check your nerves barometer. Stay at the entrance and survey the whole room. What does it look like? Take in the colors, smells, people, objects. This will only take a 15-20 seconds. What this does is gives your body time to recalibrate. Come out of 'fire alert state' and calm down.

3. ASK: Where do you want to go? This question focusses your mind to listen to your conscious directions. For example, you want to go to the reception desk at the restaurant. Locate it.

Take it in the whole scene of the 'reception desk'.

I did this yesterday when I was following a friend into a restaurant. That is she had disappeared into the dark interior. I knew I had to get past the reception desk first so I did exactly what I am sharing with you today.

4. Call up the feeling of the woman you choose to BE and anchor her in. Now this is the really important part. Lock eyes on your target whether it be the person at the reception desk or a chair on the other side of the room. Give them a smile (yes even if it is a chair), eyes to eyes. You only have to do it for a moment.

5. ALLOW yourself to come into the space.

Ok now you can move slowly. Slow because you are navigating your path (and not scorching the path at a rapid rate). As you move slowly towards your destination, look around. Pause from time to time. Check your surrounds, the people, the environment. No hurry. Yesterday I had to pause twice because of the line of people tumbling over each other trying to get to the person at the desk. It was a busy restaurant.

When you get to your place, reconnect again with 'your target person' in the eyes. Yes even if its a chair. Now you are ready to engage, say hello, order a drink or sit down.

Try it. An empowered woman isn't in a hurry. She is intentional, present, empowered.

Let me know how you go with this #risingstrong tip 2. I love to hear your stories. Some of you have already perfected this technique to work with your rhythm. Please share how you BE your goddess



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