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How to be Unapologetically Stubborn

Do you sometimes find it frustrating that people don't take the time to understand you? Maybe how you view the world is so outside of their sphere, it's not possible to entertain your view.

There comes a time in everyone's personal inner journey when they reach a crossroad. Do you continue to be dismissed through lack of understanding from others? Do you retreat and say less? Do you try your hardest to adapt to what others expect of you?

The Fourth Path

There is a fourth path. Not as well worn as the others and, somewhat hidden from view. It is the feminine path. This way asks that you travel light. You put down the burdens of expectations from others. You discover your unique capabilities as a ambitious, sensitive woman. You accept that who you naturally are is a woman of great value and with it comes a grounded sense of power.

You learn to LOVINGLY back yourself and grow into your feminine strengths of intuition, strong, clear communication and creative solutions.

You adopt an attitude of stubborn focus on what is possible. This is the journey undertaken on the fourth path. All that you have to do is say YES I am ready and step on the path.

"This has been the greatest gift I have given myself. Goddess will rock your world. You will not recognise yourself as you learn to bring more joy and self-worth into your life". Anna N, New Zealand.

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