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How do you define yourself as a woman?

Over the weekend I had a conversation with a girlfriend and her man about what it is to be a feminine woman. Well we discovered differences.

I can be quite fearless when it comes to trying new things. This is my feminine fire that gives me momentum. Over the years I have learnt to use this wisely. My friend calls it innocent recklessness. I would say that no is a word my friend could embrace more often. She would disagree. 'Yes I can' is part of her masculine energy. I am a long haul type of gal, I can do the long haul whether it be a long distance hike or campaigning for the good of others. My friend is more of a barge in and face the consequences later type of woman. I love delicious looking food (my mouth is watering just thinking about my favorite dishes). I can also forget to eat when I'm being nourished through creativity. My friend eats whatever and whenever. It is fuel. I like to have time in nature. My friend likes so too but takes talks on her phone the whole time.

Both of us would consider we are feminine, sensitive and believers in good and kindness.

We do our best to consciously figure out who we are as women. This wasn't always the case. My friend and I have many stories of events that challenged belief in ourselves. You may be doing exactly the same thing in your 30's or 40's or 50's. At some point, women begin to question what people say about them.

I love these moments. We get that we are worthwhile and there is more to us.

Each Monday I send out a mail called Monday Uplift. Given the weekend conversation, I chose it as this week's topic.

How Do You Define Yourself As A Woman?

If it speaks to you, please follow the prompts.

  • How do you define yourself as a woman?

  • When you listen to the definition of feminine (in the video), what speaks or calls to you?

  • If you could uplift one quality in your feminine, what would that be?

  • How do you imagine this quality can uplift your experience as a woman?

  • Lastly, juicy enquiry: How does it make you feel to embrace this form of feminine?

Love to know if you care to share.

Until next time, enjoy your playful uplift in the feminine.

:)- Anna x

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