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3 ways to choose the workshop for you

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

One of the most powerful mediums for transformation is listening to another share their life journey. When we relate to the story and the person shares how they transformed stress and confusion into peace and clarity; it instills hope and connection.

Automatically, you relax the tension that holds the body tight and the mind rigid. you can sense something stirring you awake and this gives you the momentum to open.

You are experiencing the commonality of what it is to be human.

This is the power of conscious group work where the space is held in integrity and people are honored. There is no judgment and no need to fix. I am a fan of this form of work as it was a big part of my training in personal and spiritual development.

Healing is listening.

There is a biblical text from JC, 'when two or more gather in my name, I will heal them'. Healing is listening. Authentic listening allows us to observe outside of our story and in this way we are able to transform what we look at - we heal. When we gather and held in a conscious space, we are freed to speak and be heard. The message here is love and understanding.

Trust your instincts.

In my experience (and in my work), I find there are three effective ways to decide if the course or workshop is for you.

  • Take up the offer of a free consultation. You will get to experience the nature of the work before you make a commitment. I always give a written summary at the end of a free consultation. I want people to value right from the onset.

  • Read the testimonials. Quality testimonials will state what life was like before attending the work, the experience during and the benefits from attending.

  • Trust your instincts first up. I attended a three day event with a lot of trepidation. What I knew was when I felt like this, breakthrough was possible. Trepidation was only I didn't know the how ... which was why I was attending.

The next three blogs are from members in our conscious community. Pia, Heidi and Sam share their stories. I know for sure they will inspire and give you a sense of he commonality we all experience in being human.

If you like what you hear, trust your instincts and contact me for your free consultation.

Anna is a Senior Mentor of Enhance Awareness Program and Pathways To Mindfulness workshops. She is dedicated to the betterment of women.


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