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Focus with the gentle intention to receive.

To have a gentle focus means to have something to focus upon. What if what you focussed on was to be kinder to yourself, in body and spirit?

A pause is something that happens between two things. It is the silence between music as keys are tapped on a piano. A pause is the 3 breaths consciously experienced between one event and another.

When you take the time to pause, you can inject your intention into the space and claim your experience. Let's say that your lifestyle means that often you are rushing from one place to another. Your intention is to be more calm.

You may not be in a position to slow down as yet. You can be in control of how you present yourself.

As you practice the three breath meditation, you will soon notice an awareness of how you feel. The more you can connect with the feeling you want to experience, (let's say calm), the more you are able to receive calm. You are aware of the feeling and even where it resides in your body.

Each act of pausing is an expression of being loving and kind to yourself.

You may like to try out the exercise to elevate your emotions and intention. A good way to do this is to take a note of the exercise above. Keep this with you on a sticky or as a reminder on your phone.

Choose your intention and add it the end of the statement such as:

I am worthy

I deserve and

therefore I claim to be calm/courageous/ present/ determined etc

Now, add in your three breath meditation as we practiced in the class today. You will find a video link for the three breath meditation at the base of this page.

Remember a pause can be practiced throughout your day in as little as one - three minutes. As you start to reap the benefits of gentle focus, you will gain confidence and become aware that you have control over your experience.

Here is a video on my facebook page explaining the three breath meditation.

Peace be with you.



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