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Crafting sensuality as self-expression.

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Recently, the members of our community have been exploring their general opinions on sensuality and sexuality. Why this is important is because the story you tell yourself as a woman is often influenced with experiences of the past and the current environment (media, trends, cultural, upbringing). If the experiences are great, you are more available to step up, dream bigger, take calculated risks and be the leader in your life.

However if your experiences in the past have hurt you in some way, then the opposite is true. No matter how often you want to step into the limelight of your creative life, something sabotages your best efforts. Do you notice that you pull back, talk yourself out of that promotion, completing that course or wearing that gorgeous dress? You become uncomfortably comfortable with being suppressed instead of impressive.

It is our nature to be impressive, not as an egoic experience, as an extension of our ability to profoundly love.

So when women in the signature program (Goddess) explore these questions, it is with a sense of curiosity. The opinions offered are kept neutral, respectful and playful. General opinions are expressed as: this is what I am observing around me verses this is me or my experience. Approaching conversations this way limits any unconscious threat that may stone-wall your voice. This whole activity is about building trust to freely express yourself through the medium of voice, and discovering your voice resonance that speaks your truth. Admittedly this takes effort to push past your stops. As we say in our community, it's effort now and loving rewards are on the way.

Here's how we do it.

Imagine you are sitting around with your girlfriends and you open conversations with this question.

How do you think a woman embracing feminine experiences sensuality? For your reference, Data from our community shows that 9 times out of 10, women will immediately go to sex as a reference. This is how powerful the environment influences how we see ourselves. Sensuality is blurred with sexuality. Both impressions have their own energy and expression.

So we step back a moment and redirect the conversation to a broader context to envelope all of life. Now women are free to link sensuality to art, the breeze against skin, presence, intimacy with self-awareness. It has no-thing to do with someone or something else.

What about a woman who is in her masculine? How does this woman experience sensuality? Here are some of the answers from our community. A woman in her masculine expression can be seen / experienced as being: High energy, expressive, tactile, all in, focused, self-absorbed. One term that is commonly explored to describe a woman in her masculine experiences sensuality is being a woman on fire. I invite you to ask yourself what is your general opinion.

What's next?

By establishing how you think, what you believe in general terms, you are creating a safety-net to explore your reality. This enquiry held in general terms builds curiosity too. You realize that actually you don't have to settle for how you are experiencing this expression now.

Another term to describe sensuality is beauty.

Bathe in your inner beauty. You are encouraged to reset and use your imagination again. Nothing is off the table. There is always more and you are designed to know more of who you are. How would you like to experience sensuality in your being, in your life. See yourself being this woman. You're encouraged to draw a line in the sand. Your future experience (the one that is coming) looks like this. Write it down. It's very probable that intuitively, you feel this and are seeking for the how to transform your beliefs, thoughts and fears.

I truly want to encourage you to seek out Growth work that embracing your feminine spirit and increases your self-awareness. This is how you strengthen your inner game, your true self. It is your ticket to freedom.

The feminine and masculine energies are part of your identity and both serve a purpose. Sensuality is a way of being connected to elemental essences within you (earth, fire, water, air). Sexuality is drive, passion, certainty. As you master both, you are in effect becoming more aware of yourself and when to switch on focus/action and when to reflect/listen. Heightened awareness is power and the power is love. Now you are consciously owning your place in the world. You have clarity on your worth.

Most importantly, you begin to comprehend that you are in the drivers seat of your life, connected, awake, ambitious. You can choose to be the leader in your life, and impact the lives of others. Strong voice, full heart and loving life.

Footnote: Our signature program explores 8 aspects of your life experience so that you get to consciously navigate challenges that hold you back from living your best life. Sensuality/sexuality is one. Would you like to find out more? Let's book a time to chat (for free) to discuss your most pressing needs and explore options to move forward with confidence.

Anna Schaumkel is a Inner Strength Growth Mentor, certified Senior Mentor with Centre for Western Mindfulness and wholly committed for creative, ambitious women to lead purposeful, extraordinary lives. To reach out to Anna, visit


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