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Becoming Your Woman of Choice

I count my blessing with my closest friends because it doesn't occur to them, not to share their observations about me. As you become dedicated to knowing yourself in fullness, those you trust can lovingly help you awaken. This is how I received a really big aha recently. Maybe it will help you gain clarity too.

I was having a girlie night with Ms M, sipping wine in front of the fire and doing what good friends do best; diving deep into the juicier conversations of life.

Ms M was sharing how much I'd changed (for the better). Ms M was curious. She witnessed a new level of honesty as I shared about past relationships.

We are two women sipping wine in a Saturday night - of course we are going to talk - relationships). Ms M wanted to know what had changed for me?

What I was seeking was right under my nose

Truth is - I just got honest. I fessed up to myself - not about why the relationships worked or didn't work. I got honest about why I was in them. I gave myself the freedom and grace to be personally responsible with my choices.

Have you noticed that as women, we are hard-wired to become the person others want us to be...even if it disempowers us on a deep, feminine level.

We can't be someone we are not without consequences.

I noticed that I had an unconscious habit that fooled me into believing I had to dim my light to be accepted professionally and personally. I got accepted and after awhile, sometimes long years, I would burn out. It was too hard to keep holding myself back.

Awakening to the why is an inside job

When I understood the why - go with me on this one, it was if the clouds parted and I could feel the feminine rise within me. Instead of the angels singing Hallelujah, it was more of a s@!t, this is how I've been holding myself back. I became aware of the story I had unconsciously been telling myself as a woman. I was so happy.

Permission Granted

Ms M was witness to my coming out 'of my story'. The realization that I didn't have to keep myself in the shadows was the beginning of being seen as my woman of choice.

The story you tell yourself as a woman
when no one is listening is often very different from the one we tell others.

Maybe just like me, what you are seeking is right under your nose too. You don't have to look far for the truth. Just be loving and willing to have a conversation.

It has been dear to the hearts of so many women including myself; and yet we needed a feminine way to approach the story we tell ourselves as women. We don't need another vehicle to make ourselves wrong or right - what we want is loving clarity - focus and momentum. I am told (and believe) we want to honor our souls purpose.

Here's a gentle start from the - Say Hello Beautiful course.

1. Find a quiet space to sit with pen and paper ( a journal is great). Imagine you are having a conversation with a version of yourself .

2. Grant yourself permission to be curious and open to discover you as a woman. What you believe, what you desire and what can hold you back from being -YOU.

3. Engage in the following Say Hello enquiry:

Say Hello Beautiful opens as an online course in July. For more information, connect with


Conversations From Our Community

Conversations for women has been created with the courage of 100's of women (and some heart-centered men) having the important conversations to embrace their happiness and full potentiality.

Heidi shares her story to inspire you.


Until next time xo Anna

(PS): Would you like further your conversation as a woman? You can connect with me here to arrange a complimentary Discovery Call,


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