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2021 My Best Year Vision Booklet - my gift for you -

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The closing of one year and the arrival of the New Year has been marked through ritual and celebrations for centuries.

Each year holds the duality of good and not so good. Events best forgotten, others heartfully remembered. There are times of resistance and times of resilience. Throughout the cycles of the time, there is always growth.

To experience gratitude, sometimes events are best viewed from different perspectives.

It is not always easy to be the witness to personal achievements when clouded by external events. Having a process to gain clarity welcomes gratitude. Gratitude builds fortitude. There is a willingness to entertain your hopes and passions. You may even offer an evocation, 'if I can get through this, I can get through anything'.

2021 My Best Year Booklet

I felt very strongly to provide a tool for my clients this year. A tool that supported resilience and growth. I loving embrace towards challenges overcome and a grounding to stand firm in their self-worth and capabilities for the new year.

Each of my clients have received MY Best Year Booklet which is a journal to acknowledge and celebrate 2020 and a easy process to envision the new year your way.

It is now available for you too. It is gratis, a gift from me to you.

Click on the link below.

My Best Year 2021 New1.1
Download PDF • 593KB

I am a big believer that together, great things can be achieved, more so than if we go it alone.

Connect anytime to chat about how to make the most of the year for you. Here is how you can email me, connectwithanna

May this year be filled with grace and be your best year yet.

Anna :)-

ps: If you are unable to download the pdf, please send me a email, connectwithanna and it will be sent by email.

Anna Schaumkel

Founder, Conversations for Women

Personal Growth Programs the feminine way.


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