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Wed, 04 Mar


Location is TBD

Goddess - Mentorship for Growth and Contribution

Are you experiencing an internal shift, some would say a calling. A yearning to do contribute more, even if the how is a mystery.

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Goddess - Mentorship for Growth and Contribution
Goddess - Mentorship for Growth and Contribution

Time & Location

04 Mar 2020, 7:00 pm – 06 May 2020, 7:00 pm

Location is TBD

About The Event

Goddess is a three month Mentorship for Personal Growth and Contribution. It is offered over a Zoom platform with one on one Mentorship once a week and additional group coaching. 

Goddess  provides a framework to cultivate your natural abilities of intuition, foresight, compassion, profound love and collaboration.  

Goddess brings awareness to your qualities that are expressed in the feminine and masculine, and how both serve a purpose. 

With this knowledge and understanding, you develop a deeper self trust and inner confidence. You have more clarity and focus to stay true to you whilst heeding the call to make a difference in your world. 

Goddess provides entry into love leadership with a safe place to launch your dreams and a step by step, proven formula to light your way. 

Goddess is not defined by profession, age, culture, wealth or relationship status. Goddess is essence - your natural (perferred) way of being. 

  • Being your autjhentic self.
  • Embracing your unique qualities.
  • Defining your form of contribution.
  • Doing what you love.

You are Goddess.

"I had my own best answers and just needed encouragement to see into my brave heart and take action. Compassion, support, non-judgment are rare to find in anyone. Anna is that rare find". Eleanor, Global Thought Leader, Compassioante Health, Australia. 

Why Goddess.

Research indicates that women generally are wired for personal growth and contribution. Tradional models of Personal Development and Coaching mostly focus on identifying what is wrong and setting goals to fix the issues. 

Highly attuned and sentive women find this model depletes their energy. They don't have time to think and recalibrate. 

Goddess is based on authentic listening invites intimacy (in-to-me-see) with yoru true essence. You have time to find your rhythum and what works for you. Instead of forcing a change, Goddess expands your perceptipon of what is possible. You naturally create momentum with choices that serve your highest good and the good of others. Goddess gives you  space to take your dreams and place them firmly into reality. 

Goddess in Action.

Orginally this program was called Make your mission your business (2014). It was designed for women who had completed a 12 month mentorship with Anna. They were looking for the next steps and a platform to honour their unique contribution and willing hearts. These women invited their friends to participate in MYMYB to gain insight into their unique gifts and how they could also collaborate for a better furture for others. 2018, Anna realised that there was a global shift being experienced for sensitive, attuned women. This prompted a restructure of MYMYB to Goddess offering one on one mentorship in a small group. Anna has mentored over 200 people one on one and many more in groups.

 Find out more About Anna

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Who is Goddess for?

For women who ...

  • seek to raise their self-belief and the quality of their lives.
  • response to personal growth with heart and creativity.
  • consciously want to create their life - no more settling.
  • are stuck and don't know how to move forward.
  • seek out mentorship and proven processes.
  • desire to live a more meaningful life.
  • are sensitive and looking for a place to belong.
  • desire to inspire and uplift others with love.

Goddess - What to expect. 

Anna's expertise shared lovingly with you.

Anna combines expert awarness strategies and rocesses to form a sysmatic appraoch fpr personal growth and contribution. Whilst others strive, Goddess unearths your natural qualities giving you clarity about where you are now and why. You are guided towards who you truly want to be and understand why this is important for you. You are able to experience your unique qualities as profound gifts that can positively impact others lives. 

Goddess Roadmap - forge your own path.

You don't have to work out the 'how. It is given to you, step by step. Do this - breathe - expand - share - do that. You will create your project as a reflection of how you want to contribute to others. Don't worry, it is managable. This is how you begin to forge your path, honouring your authentic expression, creativity and personal power. What you unearth here is a roadmap that you can refer to in all situation of life. 

" I had recently left corporate (one of many changes) and was in transition.   Anna understands how to create a safe space for us to open and dream big.I enjoyed the workshop a lot and took very valuable insights home with me. Thank you Anna for guiding us and for empowering us to walk on our own unique paths". Sonja, Yoga Teacher, Australia. 

A Whole Lotta Love.

It has to be said ... you will be accepted, acknowledged, supported, heard, stretched and loved. As you work inside Goddess, you will beomce more awake and prepared for whatever enters your life. You will learn to stand strong for you and others. It is what happens in our Women of Substance Community. 

A Note From Anna.

Hello Goddess, thank you for taking the time to find out about this program for you. You might be a little tentative or wondering if you can do this or if the timing is right. I believe in Divine timing and in taking a leap of faith. If you have made it all the way here, Goddess is calling you. You are ready. More ready thatn you know. Come join us. We are here for you.

x Anna

The Next Steps To Register For Goddess. 

Goddess is a 3 month Mentorship Program with weekly mentoring calls with Anna. You will be given the Goddess high quality workbook with all the templates, instructions and explanations to fully engage in this porgram. Goddess is a small group program offering additional coaching and training on Zoom. You get to meet each of the participants and collaborate and celebrate. You have tribe and this seemingly small thing has the power to boost your confidence and creative spirit.

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