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Your kind of woman Uplift formula

Over the last 5 weeks, Uplift has been introducing you to a feminine formula to rise strong as your kind of woman. This week, I explain how to purposely use the tools to support your best interests.

At Your Leisure

and for your pleasure, now you can revisit the 5 Uplift steps to guide your emergence as your kind of woman. It is a wise idea to have a notebook and writing materials with you.

Healing the spirit of the feminine - soul listening with I Wonder Mindset

Strengthening your self belief - tools to cultivate your spirit

Creating your pleasurable vision - defining your qualities

Becoming your woman of choice - anchor - the story you tell yourself as a woman

21 reasons right about me - repetition becomes your kind of woman.

Replay video for information and insights here


Conversations with our community

I had come through a very challenging period, I was exhausted and sensitive which led to being very reactionary. Being a coach, my awareness was insightful enough to recognize that my life was not in flow, and was incongruent. The awareness process gave me a clear structure to view where I was now and what needed to change.
Discovering my unique story was the key. It gave me insights and tools to establish where was going and what I needed to do to stay there.​ I feel very blessed to have worked with Anna by my side. Anna caused me to think from many different angles and allowed me to dialogue and process my insights and continue to expand my awareness.
Now, I have deliberate focus again and have a much greater understanding of my triggers. This is freedom. I take a much gentler approach and choose how I drive my life forward. Kath, Business Trainer, New Zealand

Let's connect

How about you? Is it time for you to gain more freedom and confidence. Do you sense a calling to cultivate purpose as your kind of woman?

Reach out to us and let's have a conversation about how you can get there (the feminine way). Let's connect here

Talk soon xo Anna


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