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Women that desire more have more to give.

It's true that more and more women are curious about what is possible for them. We are living in a time where potentiality is desirable and empowerment is, well, I'm just going to say it, sexy. I've been inspired by our Goddess community. These are women on a mission, to be more and to serve. Not because it seems the right thing to do, rather it is answering the deep call within. Something so intangible, you could say, women are taking a leap of faith. Faith that there is something more and better takes effort. Awareness, observation and action in order.

We are aware that how we think and how we feel forms our reality. Yet, so many of us give up too early on dreams and potentiality. We become disappointed by slow results or no rewards. Other people's negativity gets inside the mind.

How can we stay the course and reap the loving rewards that are on the other side of focused effort?

1. Consider this

You must take the time to consider your BIG WHY.

Why is it important that you do this thing, say write a book or learn a language or change your job (as examples). Ask Why 5-7 times, you will gain more clarity and move into the heart of the matter.

2. Who does your WHY serve?

As an example, you are getting physically fit so that you can be an active parent with your children. That sounds great doesn't it. If you use the process of 5-7 times, you may discover that the real why is that you don't want to see your children struggle as you did. Now you have a more compelling WHY. Your big heart is determined to have a better future for your children. This why will keep you focused.

3. Build on your compelling why.

Your why is the steering wheel for change. This is what you are going to focus on daily. Get your body involved in the process. The body has a built in memory to resist change. Anyone who has tried anything new has come up against the fear, doubt, limiting beliefs. You can out-smart your body when you have a compelling why. It's as easy as moving the body as soon as fear, doubt, limiting beliefs slides in. Walk, skip, jump up and down, anything that loosens up your body. I have a friend who sang the national anthem while swinging her arms which made her laugh. You can't be laughing and in fear at the same time.

3. Rehearse your outcome in one minute.

The magic minute is power (and also fun). Imagine you are fit (as in this example), how do you look, how do you stand, what are you wearing, who are you with, what are you saying to your children. The more you do this, the more real it will becomes.

4. When things go wrong...Celebrate.

Ok, so it's not always going to be easy. The reality is that up to 90% of our thoughts are the same as yesterday. We are going to come up against some limiting beliefs. Great. Woo-hoo! You really need to know what is under the surface. Knowledge leans into new potential. Write your limiting beliefs down. Then jump or jog up and down. Yes back in your body again. Sing them out loud and ADD this sentence

"And that's not going to stop me". You're probably thinking that all this is a silly. It's designed to be silly as this interrupts old patterns of behavior. Imagination, song, movement are your best friends here.

Celebrate facing your limiting beliefs and shifting the focus with "and that's not going to stop me". It may seem like fake it to you make it at first. The point is, you can change your thoughts! You just have to get into action about it and have some fun doing it.

5. Enlist an accountability buddy.

The most important element of living your life free is to have accountability. It will be the one action you will do your best to avoid. Thoughts such as, 'I can do it on my own. No-one needs to know, I'm a private person'. I am sending as much encouragement as possible through this post. The chances of giving up whilst in the shadows is high. Once you step into the light and share what you are up to and your compelling why, you have a cheer team (even if its just one person). They might even feel so inspired that they join you in your quest or seek out one of their own.

You become what you focus on beautiful. Stay the course. Allow yourself to be shaped by the change that is calling you into your more! Here's a little inspiration from our community.

I would say to anyone considering mentorship with Anna to do it! I m so happy I decided to do this work. A truly wonderful, enlightening experience to face your fears, learn to act and respond in the most self-loving way and gain a deeper connection and understanding of yourself, others and the world around you. Carmela, Health Advocate, UK.


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