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The magical 48 hours after Women's Empowerment Day (empower your awareness).

Hello beautiful

Wow! Thank you so much for your energy, curiosity and willingness to play with your form of empowerment. The feminine loves to play, collaborate and expand.

The 48 hours after an event is the super-charged element to strengthen your awareness and anchor your insights. You are in close connection to the divine, the mantras, music and provocative perspectives. Draw on the tools from us (Anna, Maria and Michele) and hold the higher vibration of possibilities a little longer. We use symbols, images and sound as the mind accepts these elements 60,000 times faster that linear learning*

Here is a re-cap to support your continual emergence as an empowered woman. Keep the faith, remember it's one step and then the next that allows your feminine to rise, be heard and appreciated.

Awaken your Radiance

Pause and allow yourself to be present, awaken the radiance light within. Maria invited us into several meditative practices to raise our connection and vibration. Here is the beautiful mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.

Gentle women rising strong to lead

The new trend in powerful women ask for space, new rules and pathways that honor their sensitive, secretly ambitious nature to lead. Spend time with your Becoming daily and me the woman waiting to rise strong as herself.

Women, the ultimate creators

Michele encouraged awareness with walking the middle ground between the dark and the light. Both have value. Remember to make a creative playdate with yourself. Create with no agenda and the important ingredient, add music.


We would love to hear from you.

If it feels right, we would love to know what you enjoyed most about being at the Women's Empowerment Day?

The diversity of the workshops | the connections with others | Having space to explore | Learn new perspectives or | something else. Click the link below to send your thoughts.

Until next time, sending loads of good vibes

Anna xo


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