The elusive element called time

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

and how to use one of your greatest assets - imagination.

Here is a new way of looking at the elusive element of time.

Consider the facts.

Evaluate fix it solutions.

Confession (you actually know this stuff).

The Facts.

You may not like it and yet, putting your needs at the end of the line has been happening for some time, maybe years.

Anything repeated often becomes a habit. Long-standing habits can be challenging to transform. First things first - bring in the love and understanding.

Give yourself some love and understanding.

Your dealing with an automatic way of responding to the world. It's likely you have been modelled this very thing. Please let yourself off the hook. Beating yourself up about not making time for yourself is part of the old pattern. Intervene with kindness and BUILD YOURSELF UP.

Fix It Solution

It would seem most logical to jump straight to a solution. Most of us know that any solution engineered out of lack (lack of time) is a quick fix. It will work for awhile. If the issue is time, the quick fix will run into the same a problem - not having the time.

The feminine advises willingness to explore new possibilities before taking action.


You already know what you need every time you stop and listen to your conversation with yourself. I need more time, I just want time for myself, I've really got to learn how to take care of myself better.

Before we move on to new possibilities - Be Kind to Yourself

This is a loving process to transform established patterns of behaviour. Effort now - loving rewards to come.


The power of your imagination.

There is a kinder way to take care of your needs - somewhat feminine and a whole lot of wondering. Instead of rushing to solutions - imagine...

For anything to transform, you need to imagine a new destination. Believe it or not, this can be the most challenging part of the journey. Well developed habits create a certain way of thinking and feeling. Remember in the video I talked about 'shoulding all over yourself'. This can be so unconscious that feeling disempowered has become a normal, uncomfortable experience. It can change with awareness and willingness.

Get your child-like on

Children play and this is the power of imagination.

You can do this in your head, however the true power of transformation occurs when you first put it on paper.