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Stuckville to the destination of choice.

Its fair to say that there are times when we just need a 'right now' solution. Something to help sharpen our awareness and be applied immediately. Often this very solution is needed when we find ourselves in what I refer to as Stuckville.

Stuckville is the place where you keep doing the same things and getting the same result; even though you expect something quite different to happen. To call forth a different result, you are best to create your destination. Become very clear what you want to see happen and write it down.

Here's how: Commit to 7 days to move out of Stuckville.

Listen to the 2 minute video first.

And then:

Ask yourself this question 'What do I want to see happen? Or 'what do I want to experience differently?

Record your thoughts in a notebook you can carry with you. When your preferred outcome is on paper, your mind has less opportunity to take you back to the past.

I always suggest to my clients to keep writing what they want to see happen over a period of 5 days until they are 100% emptied out.

And then:

Spend the next two days with the notebook/paper close by. You will be surprised how two extra days

bring forth the real result you are looking for.

Now you have both ends of the continuum: Stuckville: I can't switch off the constant chatter in my head and this is stressful.

What I want to see happen: I am able to take a break from the chatter and rest.

You will notice that there's not any steps on how to bridge the gap. This is purposeful. First, create the destination and get really good at doing it. When you can see where you want to go, the how becomes more obvious.

Enjoy the process x Anna


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