Health – taking care of the house of your spirit.

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

This week we have been looking at the statement from The Enhances Awareness Program that relates to personal responsibility. In other words, what is informing your choices that have you be responsible or not for your well-being.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual good health naturally result in living a healthier, happier and fulfilled lifestyle. The origin of the word health means to be whole, at one. This doesn’t necessary mean that you are in perfect balance in all four aspects but it does refer to being aware of your state because when you are aware (or at one), you are more likely to choose to be peaceful regardless of situations that arise.

In the interview with Leela Holland, Naturopath, we discussed that awareness comes from understanding the relationship between your spiritual consciousness, emotional consciousness and physical health and wellbeing. As a qualified natural practitioner, she is well aware of the relationship between physical ill-health alongside the state of mental, emotional and spiritual health. Leela mentioned that generally people need to address their lifestyle as there will be things that are happening that makes change difficult.

Living in awareness is being willing to be curious and examine what is creating an environment of dis-ease within your physical being. The Enhances Awareness Program addresses how to live in awareness as a ‘whole’ person by learning how to be aware by authentically listening. It sounds simple and yet can be challenging at first. Leela discussed how people she works with often have been suppressing what they feel for so long that when they finally have a chance to be heard, the flood gates open. I call this relief release!

Here are some pearls from the interview: Supplements are helpful but address the symptoms and not the cause. Getting stress and digestion sorted first allow more awareness to address what is happening behind the scenes biochemically.

If your having problems with digesting foods, ask yourself what you are having trouble digesting in life.

What can you do to look after your health?

  • Listen to yourself and your body and don’t buy into fads if they don’t work for you.

  • Work less. At least be aware of the motive of working hard and long hours. There are other ways.

  • Eat fresh and cook from scratch. This eliminates the toxins and the rubbish we put into our system.

  • Follow your passion – Be Your Own Person – Love and care for yourself.

  • Commit to having your health checked as a loving act.

View the full interview here Taking care of your house of your spirit.

Anna Schaumkel is a qualified Senior Enhances Awareness Mentor. Contact Anna Visit Anna Schaumkel Enhances Awareness Mentor Facebook.

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