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Emotional Fitness - becoming your kind of beautiful.

To coax yourself out of the shadows of your life means you have to let yourself be seen. There just isn't any other way. One thing we lovingly acknowledge in the work with Conversations for women is this - breakdowns are inevitable.

It is very important to remember 3 things at this intersection,

Reach out those that support your journey. No judgment, no advice. Only possibilities and love.
Be gentle with yourself. Gentle is the uplifting growth paradigm for sensitive women with ambitions.
Do the work. Some of the most profound awakenings happen on the other side of your stops.

I am super inspired by one of the extraordinary women in the Goddess Elite program.

This amazing woman believes breakthroughs follow courage. It's ok for her not to have all the answers yet.

I asked permission to share some of her emotion fitness insights. Of course, she said yes. This is what women do best. Collaborate with each other. Share their stories for the betterment of other women.

This is the adventure of becoming your kind of beautiful and flourishing.

Reach out anytime for a chat about how you too can shine your way. Anna

Goddess Elite is offered as private mentoring. Goddess Tribe is a monthly community course.


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