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19 Ways to incorporate self-loving acts (and boost your energy).

If you're anything like me, there have been times when you feel as though you never get time to stop. It seems like there is a constant demand on time, energy and resources.

This is one of the five most common themes for women in our community. They want to grow, it is super important to them to be their best version of themselves. With all the other demands, it can appear as impossible to do anything other than try to keep up with the day to day 'doing. Even if it is going against their best interests, and even if it is hurting them on a soul level.

Surely there is another way? Yes there is - enter Rest Week. Listen in to the empowering elements of rest week. There are 19 successful ways to incorporate rest and boost your energy too!

Rest Week

Rest week was devised to give myself and the women in our community time to integrate learnings without pressure or timelines.

One of the empowering aspects of personal development is giving yourself permission to say Yes to this and No to that.

Be Prepared

At first the concept of rest week faces off against personal limiting beliefs and the ego with negative conversations such as:

What will people think of me if I give myself rest?

I don't have time to stop / there is too much I need to do.

What would I do with my time?

I don't deserve it.

I feel guilty if I am not doing something.

It's a balancing act to be in integrity with your external commitments and your inner needs as a woman. Take heart, the negative thought labels are all part of learning to say a powerful yes and no.

Rest week gives you permission to let these conversations come up for inspection in a rested state. As the observer, you are more able to listen without judgment. For beliefs to change, first they have to be observed. The feminine element of curiosity and play has space to rise up and consider self-loving alternatives.

19 ways to incorporate self-loving acts

wisdom from the conversations for women community

As you read through 19 ways, you may notice a judgment come up such as, oh that's just silly or I would never do that. I invite you to hold your assessments and be curious. Instead of it wouldn't work, ask yourself, how could this work for me.

Here's why

'your brain rewards you for being curious, and for pursuing that curiosity. Researchers have determined that dopamine, the brain’s reward chemical, is intricately linked to the brain’s curiosity state'.

Conversations for women Self-loving Acts


Tania shares her personal growth joy 'Before doing the awareness work, I was exhausted and challenged with fitting everything in. Now, I have clarity and ease in communication with others on a personal and professional level.

I have a greater understanding of my needs and the tools to re-create balance when life gets busy'. Tania, Australia

Maybe it's time for you listen to your inner voice whispering, you deserve more and your needs matter. You can have the freedom that comes with having clarity on your Yes to this and no to that. It can be done in a feminine way. Reach out and let's chat for free about how we can get you there, ok?



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