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The Art of Listening - Zoom

Authentic listening is the foundation on which all levels of connected communication and relationships are built. We are more able to be present and compassionate with ourselves and others. This workshop is offered over Zoom, over two weekly sessions.
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The Art of Listening - Zoom

Time & Location

05 Aug 2019, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm, Zoom Participation.

About The Event

Authentic listening is the cornerstone of awareness and mindfulness. To truly trust in your capacity to create and manage your life experience, you must develop mastery over your inner world. All self-mastery is achieved over time and draws in the elements of space, observation, structure, imagination and gentleness. This allows you to be curious and safe in your self-inquiry. You remember that you can be playful when there is no end-goal other than to practice listening. There is no force, the pressure is off.

  • The Art of Listening is the first step to strengthen your confidence for authentic communication. It is a practical and a real formula to help you establish a reality check-in with you in your life now.
  • Ultilising the Enhances Awareness Well-being Profile, you can pinpoint where you already have mastery in your life and where there are areas that hold you back.
  • From here, you can plan one mindful strategy to transform one aspect that interferes with your happiness and peace.

"I enjoyed the workshop a lot and took very valuable insights home with me. Thank you Anna for guiding us through this fantastic workshop and for empowering us to walk on our own unique path." Sonja, Yoga Teacher

What you will receive:

One on one mentoring with Anna in a small group setting.

High quality workbook with The Enhances Awareness Well-being Profile, strategy instructions and reflection pages.

Two easy to follow mindful meditations to bring focus and calm.

Clear instructions to guide your continuing home-practice.

How you will benefit:

  • Clarity on where to focus your attention for better results.
  • Ability to self-evaluate your communication style.
  • Confidence to make positive changes in your time.
  • A kinder understanding of yourself, your strengths and desires.
  • More freedom to maintain a sense of calm.

How do I book?

Book and pay on-line. You will receive a welcome email from Anna with instructions to prepare for The Art of Listening. This will help you to get into the awareness zone before you arrive.

What else do I need to know

This workshop offers the first step that is implemented in the highly successful Enhances Awareness Mentoring Programs and Mindfulness workshops. As a founding member, Anna has been delivering this work over a decade one on one and in workshops. You are in good hands.

Date and Time:

Tuesday, 6th August, and Tuesday 12th August 2019.

7.30 pm - 9.00 pm

General Admission Ticket, $92

Members Admission Ticket $82

" I thoroughly enjoyed the one day workshop. The information and process was real and effective. I will be referring back to my workbook many times. For what is achieved, this has to be the best one day workshop I have attended. Tracie, Photographer

  • General Admission
  • AS Mentoring Members