Sun, 13 Jun | Invercargill City

Say Hello Beautiful - A Course In Extraordinary

How do you free yourself from the things that hold you back? There is a formula that is practical, doable and lovable. It starts with understanding your Mindset, in the feminine way.
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Say Hello Beautiful - A Course In Extraordinary

Time & Location

13 Jun, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Invercargill City, Invercargill City, Southland, New Zealand

About The Event

There isn't anything wrong with you. 

It may seem like it when you can't figure things out for yourself. It almost seems unfair. 

If you're really honest, you can be a little too hard on yourself. 

Sometimes you may think that with all the effort you put into making change, nothing seems to last for long. 

If you are quietly agreeing 'yes this is me'. Rest assured you are not alone.  The answers you crave have been crafted together  by 100's of women asking the same questions.  They demanded another way, one that was more nourishing and honouring to their nature as women. 

"This course is very unique and gave me tools to change my old habits forever" Michelle.  

There is another way to free yourself from the things that are holding you back. 

It can be done with focus, practical processes and a whole lotta scope to discover what works for your unique nature.  

You don't have to figure out the how, it is given to you step by step. 

It starts with becoming aware of what you are thinking and believing about yourself.  

Say Hello Beautiful has a unique formula developed by women, for women desiring to know themselves better.  They wanted to stop being so hard on themselves. They hoped there was more for them.  They yearned to be part of something bigger.  They just didn't believe in themselves enough.  

As they discovered self-belief comes with the courage to say Yes to the opportunity and step in.

"Before this work, I was worried about how quickly I'd react to others.  Now I understand myself better and speak up (instead of waiting to get fired up).  I am no longer daunted by my bigger vision to serve.  I am more confident to use my fired up energy to take action and keep moving forward". Lyn

Say Hello Beautiful begins the journey with Mindset the feminine way

The first step is designed to be more feminine aware and encourages creativity and your intuition.  It allows you to observe what you are thinking about and consider if your thinking is good for you. Most importantly, by understanding your mindset,  you give yourself permssion to entertain new possiblities. 


Session One - Getting acquainted with Mindset.

This is an engaging conversation to explore Mindset. All the best strategies in the world go to naught if the mind is not open to recieve all the good available to you. 

What is Mindset and how does it work? 

Learn the power of - I Wonder Mindset. 

Explore the skills of listening and curiousity. 

Session Two - A Conversation on Personal Impressions.

For anything to change in yourself, you need to know where you are. This is a process of getting to know who you are now.

Personal impressions is a conversation to explore your beliefs and thoughts about being woman.  This is a dynamic and  good-natured conversation to tap into your own belief system.

As you take the time to listen and be curious, you find that there is more to explore.  There is what you think you believe and, there is what you deeply know is waiting for a voice to be heard.

Explore the three points of focus for moving into balance. 

Session Three: Activating the Universal Law of Allowing.

The universal law of allowing states that to create change, you have to Intend Change and let it in. By setting your intention, writing it on paper in a specific feminine process, you are activating this law.  Most importantly, you are starting to speak your truth. This is an empowering ingredient for shifting your Mindset. First you allow yourself to be 'heard' on paper and later in your world. 

Session Four: ReSet with Creativity

Before action is visualisation. This is where you lean in and play with your image as a strong, confident woman - your kind of woman. Creativity is the language of the soul. Symbols and images are powerful imprints and readily accepted for the mind, body and spirit. Following the process of Mindset visualising, you are guided to create an image that is your ReMinder. This includes one strategy to practice. 

"Repetition gets you to your goals once you have become acquainted with your Mindset". 

 Celebration Circle 

Say Hello Beautiful thrives on collaboration and acknowledgment. You also have the opportunity to enrol in the complete course for Say Hello Beautiful - a course in extrordinary. 

You will receive:

The advantage of an in-person course in a sacred, space. 

You are honoured as the unique woman you are with space to engage with Anna and other attendees. 

A comprehensive journal with the Say Hello Beautiful Mindset formula, all templates and detailed guidance instructions. 

All additional materials for the sessions.

Personalised teaching with Anna to guide your shift in Mindset understanding.

Delicious refreshments to keep you energised. 

What's Next: 

An Introduction for the Course in Extraordinary is offered  as one full day (in person) 

The complete course will be hosted as an event shortly.

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"As you become super clear on your value you are ready to be heard and seen in the world. I believes that when this happens, women become the strongest voice in their life and are naturally inspired to support other women to have this too." Anna


Anna Schaumkel is Founder of Conversations for Women. Anna is a transform your feminine identity Coach, Author of the upcoming book, A course in Extraordinary, Numerologist, certified Enhances Awareness Mentor, and a good human. 

For more about Anna, visit  Read Clients Success Stories 

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